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Doctors and scientists have recognized that the food we ingest, in conjunction with our GI well-being, can have a notable impact on our health outcomes and quality of life. Recent research, however, illustrates that the relationship between gut health and overall well-being is much greater than we already knew.

The GI Doctor at Apollo Clinic Dr. Mayank Agarwal aim to be at the center of GI health research so that we may better inform and assist our patients. If you’ve never thought about how your gut health may impact the rest of your body, read below to learn more from our Dr. Mayank Agarwal gastrointestinal health Team.

Why is gastrointestinal wellness important?

First, it may be helpful to establish what the phrase “gut health” refers to. Within your intestines are a large number of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that together form a microbiome. A microbiome may be affected by multiple elements, like the foods you ingest and the microorganisms within the environment.

As our diets have changed and hygiene behaviors evolved, researchers have observed a decline in the microbial diversity of those living in developed countries. However, doctors have observed a climb in instances of asthma, food allergies, and other conditions in those same populations. While the understanding of the microbiome is still being researched, a number of scientists speculate that these types of tendencies (or trends) involve a close relationship between gastrointestinal health and overall wellness.

Additionally, evidence illustrates that an unbalanced microbiome could be an indicator of the advancement of chronic illnesses, including inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune diseases, and some mental health conditions like depression.

What can be done to help boost my digestive health?

The best method to strengthen your gastrointestinal health is by implementing regular principles that will help you produce a flourishing microbiome. These comprise of:

  • Ingesting a diverse, balanced diet
  • Supplementing your natural microbes with probiotic foods similar to items like sauerkraut, yogurt, etc.
  • Eating foods that are high in fiber
  • Limiting consumption of overly processed foods and substances like alcohol
  • Exercising regularly and sustaining physical activity
  • Losing weight (if overweight)

You may also keep track of your GI health by paying attention to changes in your digestion, whether you’re dealing with pain, diarrhea, bloating, constipation, or any other uncommon concerns. It is essential to connect with a GI doctor if you experience any concerning symptoms. The digestive specialists at Digestive Health Associates of Texas will work to prioritize the root cause of your gastrointestinal issues and help you progress with treatment so you can live comfortably.

When should I get help for my GI symptoms?

When minor gastrointestinal issues (such as stomach discomfort, diarrhea, bloating, or heartburn) do not settle within a two-week stretch on their own or with assistance from OTC medication, you should seek care. These symptoms could occasionally be an indicator of an underlying GI health concern. It’s crucial to record your symptoms, on top of how often they happen, their severity, and what might be triggering them, as these findings may assist your physician in evaluating any problems and suggest a course of action. Ongoing or severe symptoms should be looked at by a GI professional.

Additionally, we strongly recommend that you connect with a gastroenterologist as soon as possible if you are facing a change in bowel habits, severe pain, rectal bleeding, or if your set of symptoms also includes fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. Keep in mind that it’s always better to be safe than sorry when pertaining to your health. Get in touch with our group at your earliest convenience to visit a board-certified GI doctor in Guwahati Dr. Mayank Agarwal who can offer the help you need to live comfortably without distress or GI troubles.

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