All You Need To Know About Piles
Dr. Mayank Agarwal

Hemorrhoids is a painful experience in the region of the anal canal with inflamed tissue. A person may feel irritated, may get annoyed, and have bad painful experiences.

Are you thinking what after this? Don’t worry. You can go away with this irritation with the help of the best piles doctor or and taking surgery or laser treatment if required.

Piles Surgery Treatments

There are many surgeries available to get rid of hemorrhoids/piles which include:-

  1. Sclerotherapy – This is a treatment against internal hemorrhoids. The use of a chemical solution which desensitized the nerve ending around that area. This pain is reduced, and scar tissue formed, and finally, hemorrhoids fall off.
  2. Hemorrhoidectomy – This method involves the use of surgical instruments like scissors. In this method, the hemorrhoids is directly cut present around the anus. The wound is sealed or left open, depending on the health conditions. This method involves the use of local anesthesia to relieve pain.
  3. Laser surgery – In this treatment, laser energy is used in a precise and focused manner. It doesn’t lead to cuts and stitches. Patients can get back to their healthy life instantly after surgery.
  4. Coagulation therapy – This method is used against internal hemorrhoids. An electric current or infrared light is used. These lights create scar tissue on hemorrhoids and thus restrict blood supply. Hence hemorrhoids fall off.
  5. Rubber band ligation – The hemorrhoids proliferate because of the availability of blood supply. The main idea is to restrict blood supply so the collection of tissues may be removed. In this process, it is done by keeping a rubber hand around the base of piles and thus stop its blood supply. All this leads to a fall in hemorrhoids.
  6. Hemorrhoid stapling – This treatment is for internal hemorrhoids. In this process, the surgeon will staple hemorrhoids into the regular positions within the anal canal by using a particular device. The blood flow is restricted to the hemorrhoid area, and it slowly reduces in size. It is less painful than a hemorrhoidectomy, but there are chances of having hemorrhoids again.

These piles surgical treatments are safe and effective. There are no severe complications, but there are chances of bleeding after surgery. These methods can help to end this painful situation finally. Operations can be a quick process as multiple hemorrhoids can be removed.

Recovery time

The recovery time varies according to the treatment method-

  • Surgeries that imply restriction of blood supply take several days after hemorrhoids fall off, followed by few weeks to heal fully.
  • Banding method requires six to eight weeks for recovery.
  • Further, it depends on the diet (fiber-rich), healthy habits that boost the recovery time.
  • Avoid heavy lifting and long hours of sitting.
  • In case of any doubt, visit the doctor.


The hemorrhoids can be cured completely with no further serious complications. However, the need is too concerned and visits the doctor as early as possible. Precautions are always better than cure, so the best way to avoid the piles is to maintain healthy habits such as a proper diet, enough amounts of water, regular bowel movement, and others.


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