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Being obese has done nothing wrong to anyone but the reduced quality of life because of being obese did. Not just the quality of life but also the quality of health as obesity being the sole contributor of many chronic diseases and disorders. The irony is certain media and people trying to potray being obese is ‘okay’. No it is clearly not. Not conceding this on the aesthetic front but the health front.

People are realizing the importance of being fit and healthy, recently. The increased number of various treatment practices is an example for that. Having said that, one of the best and most practiced treatment methods to reduce weight is Liposuction.

Even though it is considered as a cosmetic surgery, it is also performed to reduce weight  considerably. Liposuction is also performed to treat some medical conditions.

Continue reading to understand what is liposuction, the benefits, complications and everything you need to know about it.

What is Liposuction?

In simple words, liposuction is a medical procedure performed to remove the undesired fat from various parts of the  body.

Liposuction is around for a long time and known by various names such as as lipoplasty,  lipectomy and sometimes, simply ‘lipo’. Whatever the name it sports, it is a cosmetic surgery type that is performed to reduce fat without the involvement of major incisions or equipment.

How’s Liposuction is performed?

This is a simple procedure where a hollow instrument is inserted into the skin to remove fat. A high-pressure vacuum is attached to the hollow instrument to complete the required equipment for the procedure. The individual will be given general anesthesia and the surgery takes 2-3 hours.

This simple yet effective medical technique is employed on various regions in the body such as lower abdomen, hip, buttocks, thighs, arms, chin, cheeks and neck.

Liposuction is popular because of two reasons. It is moderately cheap compared to other cosmetic surgeries and it has also got better success rate across the globe.

How exactly Liposuction works?

In this procedure, the fat cells are permanently removed and the overall look and shape of the body is altered as desired. After the surgery, the person may require to stick to the diet and healthy lifestyle in order to maintain the shape.

Benefits of Liposuction

Liposuction is extremely beneficial for those who are slightly overweight (not overweight or obese) and follow a strict and healthy lifestyle. Read ahead to know the benefits of this surgery.

  • Liposuction removes the number of fat cells in that particular area.
  • It does not leave big scars or cuts post surgery.
  • Does not require long hospital stays.
  • Suits best for the people who have healthy skin.
  • Costs considerably cheaper than the rest of the cosmetic procedures.

Apart from improving the contour, liposuction is performed to address a few health conditions such as man’s breast, benign tumors, and edema.

However, liposuction can cause some complication post surgery. It is highly recommonded for the individual to consider the doctor’s opinion on pros and cons of the surgery. There are a few risks in undergoing this surgery and they may vary person to person. Here are a few risks that you should consider before lining up for liposuction.

The success of the surgery depends on the expertise of the surgeon and the largeness of the procedure. Here are few complications the individual may face post liposuction.

  • Prolonged swelling and inflammation could be seen for 3-6 months.
  • There will be continuos secretion of fluid from the incision.
  • As mentioned earlier, if the person has poor skin quality, the incision may heal unusually.
  • There chances of allergies and skin infections could not be strike off.

Research more about the infrastructure, the usage of equipment and experience and qualifications of the surgeon. The expertise of the surgeon plays a major role in the success of a liposuction surgery. Consider the possible pros and cons before undergoing liposuction.


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