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What exactly is ileitis?

As with all separate components of the GI tract, the small intestine is able to become inflamed and irritated. Ileitis is a GI condition manifesting in swelling or discomfort of the ileum, or the lowest portion of the small intestine where it connects to the colon. Effects of ileitis can include those listed below:

  • Unplanned loss of weight
  • Cramping or pain in one’s abdomen, as well as fistulas (atypical channels that grow between parts of one’s intestine)
  • Diarrhea

Ileitis can be due to a number of diseases, however, at DHAT we find that Crohn’s disease is a common culprit for causing ileitis. Other catalyzing factors might be infections, side effects of NSAIDs, ischemia, and atypical growths. If you require care for ileitis in Guwahati, we have help ready and waiting for you. Get the specialized and tailored treatment you need by calling a gastrointestinal specialist at your closest Guwahati location as soon as possible.

How is ileitis detected?

Determining the primary reason behind ileitis is critical to efficiently treating this GI concern and to your gastrointestinal provider being able to decide the appropriate treatment approach. In your consultation appointment, our gastrointestinal provider will analyze your medical background and carry out a thorough physical exam. A series of evaluations may be ordered as well in order to confirm the diagnosis. The evaluations which can be ordered vary, but they might include one or multiple types of stool analysis, X-rays, barium X-rays of the small intestine, a CT scan, a colonoscopy (a narrow lighted tube inserted into the anus for a close examination), or a biopsy.

If you believe that ileitis may be the source of your pain, get in touch with Guwahati to consult with a gastroenterology provider who can develop a proper plan for your care.

How is ileitis treated?

Depending upon the findings of the diagnostic evaluations, your provider may decide to treat and manage your ileitis through medications such as antibiotics, corticosteroids, antidiarrheal, and/or immune-suppressing medications, as well as various supplements to aid in the reduction of inflammation and control associated symptoms. Surgery may be considered if symptoms resist being controlled by medications or if complications develop. At some times, the more aggressive option of a surgical procedure can be carried out to excise a damaged part and remedy blockages, intestinal bleeding, and perforations in the intestine. You will need to keep up a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, consume healthy foods and quit or avoid smoking to guarantee an optimal outcome from any form of treatment.

For further details about treatment for ileitis in Guwahati, contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our GI specialists.

Relief from chronic inflammation

You shouldn’t have to struggle with gastrointestinal inflammation and discomfort forever. If you suspect that ileitis might be the root of your GI issues and want to find out more regarding receiving ileitis treatment in Guwahati, as well as the lifestyle improvements that can be made to help yourself heal, contact our team to discuss your options. We encourage you to contact Guwahati to coordinate a time for a consultation at your earliest convenience.


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