Get To Know About Top 14 Low FODMAP Snack Ideas For A Healthy You
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First, you should know what do you mean by FODMAP? This means Fermentable oligo, di, mono-saccharides, and polyols. These trigger some digestive problems like gas, bloating, and stomach pain. This is why in our blog you will know about some low FODMAP snack ideas for a healthy you. While you follow such diet having low FODMAP then you can lessen the consumption of foods containing those carbs. This low FODMAP diet has benefits that are less bloating and no stomach pain at all. This is mostly helpful in people with irritable bowel syndrome and also improves your quality of life.

Before we tell you about low FODMAP snack you must know examples about FODMAP:

Oligosaccharides: Found in food like wheat, vegetables, legumes, and variety of fruits.

Disaccharides: These are found in case of soft cheese, milk, and yogurt.

Monosaccharides: These are found in figs, mangoes, and honey.

Polyols: These are found in fruits such as blackberries, lychee, and sugar-free gum.

The main purpose of a snack is to prevent hunger in between the meals. It all depends on you what healthy snack you should consume. For choosing a healthy snack, ensure that it should be a mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. A low FODMAP snack needs you to remove some common foods so it becomes hard to decide what snack to grab and eat on a go. This is why in this blog about top 14 low FODMAP snack ideas we have put several ideas for healthy snacking. All of these are easy to prepare and pack for take away.

See below FODMAP snack ideas for a healthy you,

  1. Lactose-free yogurt: Snacks should be high in calcium to keep your bones, muscles, and teeth strong enough. Per day need of calcium is 1000 mg. You have to find a brand that has low FODMAP ingredients. Avoid brands that have high fructose corn syrup, inulin, honey, chicory root extract. You can mix lactose-free yogurt, low FODMAP muesli, and low FODMAP fruit to make parfait that is low in FODMAP.
  2. Peanut butter: Peanut butter is rich in magnesium that is 52 mg per tablespoon. Magnesium is important for muscle and nerve function. For snacking purpose, you can apply peanut butter over a low FODMAP toast OR top up with rice cake.
  3. Cottage cheese: You can pair up low FODMAP vegetables (peppers, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes) with low-fat cottage cheese. One can mic cottage cheese with blueberries and then drizzle it with a maple syrup or roll up sliced zucchini with cottage cheese.
  4. Pumpkin seeds: These seeds are high in magnesium and contains about 160 mg per two tablespoons. Make a snack with toasted pumpkin seeds with two teaspoons of dark chocolate chips and add dried cranberries to make a trail.
  5. Dark chocolate: This is good for you and contains 64 mg of magnesium. You can spread with plain rice cake, or over fruit.
  6. Low FODMAP fruit: Fruits like oranges and strawberries have high vitamin C. Vitamin C works in repairing body tissues. You can make a snack with melted dark chocolate.
  7. Unripe Banana with nut butter: For on a go snack banana are low FODMAP snack and they become nutritious when paired with peanut butter. This snack fuels you up for a whole day.
  8. Instant oatmeal: Oatmeal is full of fibers that keep you fuller for a longer duration. You can top up it with some nut butter or any sweet. They are great to have when you are hungry.
  9. Salmon: This is a high vitamin D food. You can mix it with mayonnaise, dried chives, garlic oil, and lemon drops.
  10. Canned tuna: This is also an excellent source of Vitamin D. Make a tuna melt by adding mayonnaise, spring onions, and lemon juice. One can spread it over bread and use cheese as a top up.
  11. Fortified cereals: Cereals are a source of vitamin B12. You can add some fortified cereals with low FODMAP yogurt.
  12. Red capsicum: This is high in vitamin C and you can take it as stir-fries and salads or you can slice it and dip it in hummus.
  13. Eggs: People worry that eggs cause cholesterol but in the latest studies, dietary cholesterol does not actually increase the level of blood cholesterol. They are a rich source of protein and one can take them as a scrambled form or hard-boiled eggs.
  14. Nutritional yeast: This is a powerhouse of vitamin B12. You can sprinkle it over low FODMAP popcorn.


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